We are Velocity

At your service.

Here at Velocity Cubed, companies all over the world are provided with digital solutions in the form of personalized software that allow them to stand out amongst the competition. The products created for clients will allow them to stay up-to-date and maintain their competitive edge. Even with a small team of developers we provide top quality solutions no matter how difficult the issue is, across all business types.

Who are we?

A small office situated in Pretoria, Gauteng founded in 2018 by Mark Böhmer and Allen Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen. We house a small diverse group of extremely talented and qualified Software Engineers, with clients both global and local.

Quick Facts

Number of Projects
We have a fluid start-up culture providing an environment where innovation is encouraged, collaboration and knowledge sharing are valued, and mentorship is a given.
Development Specialists
We are a dynamic team of highly experienced people that develop bespoke technology solutions and services for customers, partners and for ourselves.
Cumulative Years Experience
Are you looking to evolve and stay relevant through the use of technology? Our knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry enables you to leapfrog your current technology solution.

Why Velocity?

Companies such as Netcare employ Velocity to review their code for security flaws.
Velocity build Virtual Care™ telehealth platform for Allegra. During the COVID-19 lockdown alone the platform was integrated with 7 new clients.
Bonitas had a fully integrated mobile instance of Virtual Care™ in hand within 2 weeks of project kickoff.
Process Optimization
Afrocentric Distribution Service (ADS) tasked Velocity with building their Broker platform resulting in 30% decrease in call center hits.
Velocity enabled differentiation for Medsci to Planet Fitness by integrating the InBody™ Body Composition Analyser into their Internet of Things platform.